Frozen Tears
Lina Aziz

Dear Diary,
One night in 1986 before going to sleep, I prayed that the Lord would show me what my marriage to Sabri would be like. I saw in a dream that I was falling in a deep well face up, and all around it was dark and dingy … I ached for my fall to end …I wanted to die…

A life shattered by the horrors of relentless violence; but transformed and healed by the greater power of God in Christ. Lina tells her heart-wrenching story of a life of abuse and violence that followed her from the Middle East to Canada.
She and her children were victims of relentless verbal and emotional abuse as well as physical and sexual violence. She was threatened with death. She risked her life to protect her children. She was forced to abort one of her children. Despite an appearance of modesty and family values in Lina’s Arab-Muslim world, men and women too often look the other way when husbands assault their wives and children. Despite the horrific torture and abuse Lina faced for so many years-even in Canada- God was watching over her. Through a remarkable set of events, once Lina had gained the courage to seek help, God delivered her from domestic slavery and from her bondage to sin. She has also seen all her children make professions of faith.
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