A Message from Lina

Frozen Tears Cover Image

Frozen Tears by Lina Aziz

Dear Readers,
I do not consider myself as the author of Frozen Tears. I believe that the Holy Spirit gave me the patience and the dedication to write and finish a 364 page book.

I wrote Frozen Tears using a pen name because my life is still in danger. I was hoping that women who are in an abusive relationship are encouraged to leave and become survivors. I pray for everyone who reads my story, that God may touch their hearts and encourage them to work towards ending Violence Against Women.

I want my life to count for God – 100%. I have a passion for teaching and counseling young women to set their course for God early and to make their decisions around marriage and family life accordingly. I have seen the devastating impact of such misguided decisions in my own life, and I want to keep as many young women as possible from making the same mistakes that I made.

Frozen Tears tells you my life story, a life of abuse and violence that followed me from the Middle East to Canada. My children and I were victims of relentless verbal and emotional abuse as well as physical and sexual violence, but not anymore. I was threatened with death but chose to risk my life to protect my children. Despite the horrific torture and abuse I faced for so many years – even in Canada – God was watching over me. Through a remarkable set of events, once I had gained the courage to seek help, God delivered me from domestic slavery to salvation in God.